About Us

Our Main Features

1. Exhaustive study material (Detail theory, 20,000 Straight Objective Type, Multiple Correct Answers Type, Reasoning Type, Linked Comprehension Type, True/False Statement Type & Subjective Type Questions).

2. Renowned, highly experienced & dedicated faculty.

3. Exercises based on fundamental and basic problems

4. Exercises based on orientation to IIT-JEE problems

5. Time management skills that will help you solve a large number of problems in a short time.

6. Regular monitoring of the topic wise time bound assignments.

7. Consolidate the knowledge, Sharpen the analytical ability, Enhance the grip on the Subjects and develop the confidence by its application to problems.

12. Enhance the examination temperament

13. Doubt removal sessions after every unit, Availability of faculty for individual interaction.

14. Well organized structure of topic wise tests and rehearsal exams.

15. New and exciting problems in assignments and test.

16. Develop skills and teach students how to apply concepts.

17. Regular Test at chapter and unit level, Feedback on individual student performance.

18. In - depth explanation of fundamentals followed by guided practice and application of concepts to IIT-JEE level problems.

19. Discussion on tips and shortcuts.

20. Specifically structured program tuned to the learning needs and test taking skills of IIT-JEE aspirants.

21. Interactive white board for learning through 3D models and with ultramodern technology.

22. Live video classroom concept for getting trained from best of the faculties of country.

23. All the lectures are recorded, so if anyone miss the lecture he/she can see the recorded video lecture.

Our Culture

1. During review tests, we advise students to be strictly honest in their own interest. However, if any student if found coping from his/her neighbor strict action will be taken.

2. We do not appreciate students missing any classes or test without our prior permission.

3. Students must be punctual and disciplined.

4. Fee once paid is neither refundable nor transferable under any circumstances.

5. The student has to maintain strict discipline in the class.

6. Misbehavior with professors, staff or colleagues by any student will not be pardoned.

7. The decision of management is final.

8. Students are expected to inform us about their Roll Numbers of various competitive examinations, they are appearing.

9. CGFC will be entitled to use photographs.

10. Students are not allowed to interact with other students inside the classroom during period.

11. No visitors (except the parents of the students) will be allowed to meet the students in premises of CGFC. Even parents are requested, not to insist to meet their ward while the class is on.

12. Failure of completion of the assignments will imply due punishment.

13. Smoking, chewing of Pan / Pan Masala / Gum, writing on the walls & desks, carrying sound producing electronic gadgets and any other undesirable acts are strictly prohibited in the institute premises.

Our Strength
Our Unique Pedagogy

The most exciting dimension to our pedagogy is the modular approach in our course. Every section of Physics, Chemistry & Math is organised into tightly focused modules. The modular approach contributes to more effective teaching, greater integration of materials across academic disciplines and more course content.

Every module comprises of the following stages

Concept formation stage

This is the first stage, focusing on developing a clear understanding of the concepts and fundamentals of the subject aims at building the grasping power of the students and simultaneously helps them to identify their weakness and strengths. During this stage elaborate study material is provided, material is designed that it motivates and stimulates the students reasoning and analytical ability.

Skill Development stage

During this stage the students are exposed to selected collection of problems. This involves solving the problems which can test basic fundamentals. Special attention is given to clarify the doubts and problems faced by the students.

Application Stage

During this stage the students are given carefully selected problems to solve. This not only builds the confidence of the students but also makes them familiar with the divergence nature and complexity of the problems. This includes all innovative problems based on the latest trends in IIT-JEE examination. The students are given sufficient range of questions so as to give them thorough exposure and practice in solving graded problems from the entire syllabus.

Testing stage

Whole course is divided into modules. After completion of each module, self achievement test are conducted. These diagnostic tests are performed to evaluate how much the student has grasped and to gauge his performance. The test papers are evaluated with great care and the answer sheets are returned to the student with corrections and comments. The student weaknesses are discussed and his difficulties are cleared. The question paper is discusses thread bare in the class so that every student can have the benefit to the maximum from the exercise. At the end of every semester, performance analysis is sent to parents. They are appraised to their wards performance because we believe that parents contribution and commitment to the success of their child is absolutely necessary. We believe in providing graphic representation of the results as this helps in instant indication of a student's performance.


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